Expert Mountain Bike Coaching in Truckee

Come ride with me and discover the endless trails and breathtaking views that Truckee has to offer.

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Improve your MTB skills with a lesson in Truckee

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Ronnie’s Battle Born Prodigies offers customized Mountain Bike Coaching in Truckee, CA for adults, kids, families, groups & corporate events.

Are you looking to improve your mountain biking skills and take your riding to the next level? Look no further. As an ICP Level 3 certified coach I am here to help you reach your goals, whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced rider looking to fine-tune your technique.

Located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains, my coaching sessions take advantage of the diverse and challenging terrain that Truckee has to offer. From flowy singletrack to technical descents, there is something for every rider.

Coaching sessions are tailored to your individual needs and goals, and can include a range of techniques, such as body position, braking, cornering, and jumping. I also offer group coaching sessions for those looking to ride and learn with friends.

Finally, for the Groms, we offer Summer Camps in Truckee so your little shredder can learn to ride safely and have fun this summer.

Don’t let fear or lack of confidence hold you back from reaching your full potential on the trails. Sign up for a coaching session today and take your mountain biking to new heights.

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MTB Lessons in Truckee

Truckee Trail time!

Professional Coach

I teach MTB lessons for beginners and at an advanced level. I have over 16 years mountain bike riding and racing experience. I am an ICP Level 3 certified coach with 12 years & over 7000 hours coaching experience, including 5 years coaching at Northstar™ Bike Park.

Incredible Truckee Trails

During your MTB skills session we will be riding some of the best Truckee mountain bike trails on offer. All riders are assessed by an expert coach & MTB trails will be age & skill level appropriate.

Personalized Coaching

We work at your pace and build MTB skills in a steady, safe and consistent manner so you or your youth mountain biker can progress your trail riding in a fun way. I have a strong focus on teaching kids and teens to ride to their potential.

Mountain Biking in Truckee
Truckee MTB Coaching
Truckee Mountain Bike lessons
Mountain Biking in Truckee

Important Safety Info

Please read the following information before coming to your session. This important information is for the safety of you or your child.
We do not provide bikes or equipment.

read our FAQ
  • Disc brakes & suspension recommended
  • eMTB's are welcome
  • No coaster brakes, backpedal brakes or kickstands please
  • Please do a quick bike check before the session (tire pressure, brakes work, chain is lubed & quick releases are tight)
  • Please note that we do not provide bikes or equipment.
  • Helmet* (full face on Black Diamond Trails*)
  • Full Finger Gloves*
  • Knee Pads*
  • Elbow Pads
  • Eye protection; glasses or goggles
  • Shoes (Closed-toed & flat soled. Skate shoes are better than sneakers)
  • Chest/Back/Neck Protection is optional
  • * = Required Items
  • Please note that we do not provide bikes or equipment.
  • Water bottle/hydration pack & a snack
  • Backpack with lunch for 4+ hr sessions
  • Sunscreen (please pre-apply)
  • Bug Repellent
  • A layer of warm clothes
  • A waterproof jacket