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About our Sessions

Frequently asked questions about our coaching sessions.

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Our number one goal is to make you feel comfortable on your bike.  We want you to ride safely and utilize progression techniques that allow you to tackle more challenging terrain and features.

Skills covered in a session may include: Braking, shifting & gear selection, cornering, manuals, jumping, drops, looking up the trail, checking out new features before riding them, slow speed balance, switchbacks, dismounts, moving off the trail, moving onto the trail, cone work, drills, feet position, body position, bike/body separation and more.
Coaching sessions take place in the North Lake Tahoe or Reno area. Out of state/area can be arranged for additional travel fees.
I can cater for all levels from new rider to experienced racers looking to improve their race times. Coaching sessions are personalized and are dependent on your riding experience.
Coaching session lengths vary. Our sessions range from two hours to six hours depending on rider choice.
I will be riding alongside or behind you providing instruction. We will also stop, talk & evaluate trail sections.
Bring water, snacks, a spare tube and anything else you would usually take on a ride.  I carry a small tool kit but it helps if you have your own.  If you need any emergency medication; asthma inhaler, epi-pen etc please carry these with you!
Yes.  I can coach you on your eMTB. E-Bikes are more aggressive and weigh more, so timing and response needs to be quick and precise when riding them.  I can help you with those skills.  Please note that due to trail restrictions, certain trails may be off limits when riding your eMTB.

An Important Note About Safety

Mountain Biking is a fun & exhilarating sport, but there are risks and dangers associated with participation in Mountain Biking events and activities which could result in bodily injury, disability, paralysis and death.

If you want to ride with me HELMETS ARE REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES. A half shell is the minimum requirement but I strongly recommend a full-face helmet. Full finger gloves & knee pads are also required.

Participants are responsible for the maintenance and care of their bike prior to & during our ride. I can help you set up your bike for optimal riding and help with suspension settings. Please note that this will count towards your session time.

All members of your riding group must sign the Waiver prior to riding.

Lake Tahoe & Reno Mountain Bike Coaching

About the company

Frequently asked questions about our company & background.

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I am a BICP level 1, 2 and 3 certified mountain bike coach.  Level 3 is the highest offered and is particularly difficult to obtain.  There are currently around 20 ICP Level 3 Coaches in The World.
I have been professionally coaching for 12 years and riding for over 16. I have logged over 7000 hours of professional coaching.
Yes, our licence number is NV20181813655.  We are insured by AdventSure Insurance.
Yes, I am Wilderness First Responder Certified. My certificate can be viewed here & it expires on 08/03/2025
Yes.  The safety of you & your children is my #1 concern at all times.
No, we are a mountain bike coaching company & do not offer guided tours.  You may ride trails that are new to you, but our primary objective is to improve your bike skills.
No, we are a mountain bike coaching company & do not offer bike rentals.  If you are looking for a mountain bike to rent, try our friends at Tahoe EBikes.
Ronnie's Battle Born Prodigies LLC, 3870 Corvallis Drive, Reno, NV 89511