Personalized Mountain Bike Coaching in Tahoe & Reno

Discover the thrill of mountain biking with personalized coaching for adults, kids, families, and groups on the best trails in Lake Tahoe and Reno

Lake Tahoe Mountain Bike Lessons
Lake Tahoe Mountain Bike Lessons

Lake Tahoe Mountain Biking​

Want to ride faster, safer & smoother?

Do you want to improve your mountain bike skills? Struggling with bends, drops, corners or trail obstacles? Feel like you lack confidence when the trail gets steeper or gnarlier? It doesn’t have to be that way!

Have you tried “skills sessions” but were left feeling you wanted more or that you didn’t get the attention you felt necessary to improve?

Try a Private Mountain Bike Coaching Session. Every session is tailored to YOUR GOALS so you can see rapid improvement and feel more confident on your mountain bike.

Lake Tahoe Mountain Bike Lessons & Mountain Bike Group sessions are available for MTB riders of all ages. I am based in Truckee but teach anywhere in Reno, Tahoe City, Kings Beach, Truckee, Squaw Valley & South Lake Tahoe. I have been riding mountain bikes for 16 years & mountain bike coaching for 12 years including 5 years at Northstar™ Bike Park.

Whether you are a beginner mountain biker or an advanced rider looking for mountain bike race coaching, I can help you. I am an ICP Level 3 Certified Instructor, Wilderness First Responder Certified, insured and I can work with your kids!

Come mountain biking in Lake Tahoe and see what MTB lessons in this beautiful area can do for your downhill mountain biking, trail riding & overall MTB skills!

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Tahoe City Mountain Bike Coaching
Kids Summer Mountain Bike Camps in Lake Tahoe & Reno
Ride corners & berms with style and ease.

Highly Rated by hundreds of happy mountain bikers!

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Improve your riding!

Improving your skills can make a huge difference in your overall riding experience. Learning proper techniques can help you ride with more confidence and control, allowing you to tackle more challenging trails and have more fun on the bike. As your skills improve, you'll also be able to ride longer and faster, pushing your limits and exploring new areas on the trail.

With my guidance and instruction, you can take your riding to the next level and experience the thrill of conquering challenging terrain. Whether you're looking to improve your endurance, speed, or technical abilities, I'm here to help you become a better rider and enjoy all that Lake Tahoe has to offer.

Summer Camps '24

Calling all Groms & Junior Shredders, looking to boost the send-o-meter and ride safer, faster & make new friends? You gotta check out our awesome Kids Summer MTB Camps. Grab your spot today!

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Kids Summer Mountain Bike Camps in Lake Tahoe & Reno
Kids Summer Mountain Bike Camps in Lake Tahoe & Reno

Why ride with me?

What makes riding with Ronnie's Battle Born Prodigies so special?

Certified & Experienced

I am an ICP Level 3 Certified Coach with 12 years of coaching experience.

All abilities welcome

Beginners, racers, adults, kids, groups, corporate & eBikes are all welcome.

Flexible Bookings

Cancel or reschedule your session up to two weeks in advance.

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Kids Summer Mountain Bike Camps in Lake Tahoe & Reno
Lake Tahoe & Reno Mountain Bike Coaching for ebikes
Mountain Biking Lake Tahoe
Mirnivator riding MTB in Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe & Reno Family Mountain Bike Coaching
Lake Tahoe & Reno Mountain Bike Coaching for teens
What's on offer?

MTB Coaching Sessions

Summer Camps '24

Kids Summer MTB Camps

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