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Lake Tahoe in the Fall – The 5 best reasons to visit!

I’ll admit to a degree of bias and suggest that ANY time of year is a great time to visit beautiful Lake Tahoe, however Lake Tahoe in the Fall is one of the best times to visit – fewer crowds, cheaper accommodation & the weather is still mild.

Did you know that Lake Tahoe is the one of the largest lakes in North America? The lake straddles the California/Nevada state line and is the second deepest lake in the United States.

We have some of the best skiing & snowboarding in the World during the winter. Then our summer is filled with long days shredding the most incredible mountain bike trails you could dream of followed by evenings chilling by the lake. Epic.

All of these activities mean that Lake Tahoe is an incredibly popular destination, which can lead it to get crowded and expensive. This brings us neatly to the first of our reasons to visit Lake Tahoe in the fall.

1. Lake Tahoe in the fall is Less Crowded

lake tahoe in the fall,lake tahoe

Fall is considered the “off season” in Lake Tahoe. Visitor numbers generally drop so many hotels and private accommodations can be booked at a fraction of their peak season rates. Want to stay at the Ritz but the price usually puts you off? Try looking in the fall. The same applies to popular sighsteeing stops & restaurants. Overall the vibe is just more chilled out, definitely a plus for those looking to relax or have a romantic weekend getaway with that special someone.

2. Cruise on Lake Tahoe

lake tahoe in the fall,lake tahoe

Speaking of romantic getaways, what could be more romantic than cruising Lake Tahoe with your partner at sunset while sipping champagne? If this sounds like your idea of bliss then head on over to Tahoe Cruises to book the ultimate Lake Tahoe sunset cruise experience.

3. Take a guided horseback ride

lake tahoe in the fall,lake tahoe

After cruising on the lake, why not take in a view of the lake? Zephyr Cove Stables offer daily guided horseback trail rides that take in beautiful views from above the lake.

4. Take a Private Mountain Bike Lesson

Lake Tahoe MTB Lessons

There are hundreds of miles of trails in Lake Tahoe and most of them could be described as epic. There are trails for all abilities, ranging from absolute beginner to full out pinned secret pro lines. Take a look at our Tyrolean Downhill Trail guide to get an idea of what’s on offer, it’s one of the best mountain bike trails in the Lake Tahoe area.

In fall the trails are less crowded which is great for people looking to improve their riding skills and this makes it one of the best times to mountain bike in Lake Tahoe. The proven way to improve your riding skills is time on the trails with an ICP Certified Mountain Bike Coach, which I just happen to be. Ask about our fall specials!

5. Learn to Stand Up Paddleboard

lake tahoe in the fall,lake tahoe

The last item on our list is probably a bucket list item for many Lake Tahoe visitors. What better time to learn to SUP than when there are less people on the lake? Head on over to Tahoe Paddle & Oar in Kings Beach and they will take care of you.

Honorable Mentions

As you can see, Lake Tahoe in the fall is hard to beat!

Ronnie Schoff

My name is Ronnie Schoff. I am a professional Certified MTB Coach living in beautiful Truckee, CA. I can teach any level of mountain bike rider from absolute beginner to the advanced rider looking to improve their race times. I particularly enjoy coaching youth riders & helping them to progress their skills.

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